When the time comes and you need to move, the easiest way to sort out your belongings is to put them in boxes. Why do that? Well it beats filling your car with your plants that tip everywhere. The only time I think you may not need to use boxes is if you only had ten items that you are moving.

Okay so you need boxes, you get it. The question you may ask is where to get moving boxes? Well my friend, there is a couple of places that I can tell you of. So sit back and take notice!

Moving Companies Can Help

If you are using a moving company to do your move, they can supply you with the boxes and even help you pack for an extra fee. This way you do not need to worry where they come from, just pack away!

This works the same for international moving companies; however, they must actually pack your belongings by law in case you are a terrorist trying to plant a bomb on a ship, you cannot blame them really.

If you are doing the packing yourself, or are going half way and just using moving companies for their trucks or containers, you can purchase or rent the moving equipment from them or retailers. What I mean by that is, if you are using some of their services then they will be happy to sell you the products they use at a normal price. On the other hand, if you are not using a moving company then the answer as to where to get moving boxes is a retailer.

Buying from a retailer is easy; you can buy the boxes online or at the nearest box supplier. To find an online company just do a web search for moving boxes and a list will appear magically in front of your eyes.

The real tip however, is getting the boxes for free. What? Why keep this from me? I'm not, wait a second, I will tell you where to get moving boxes for free, do not worry!

Free Moving Boxes

If you are looking for the best deal for boxes, then this is it. Everyone works or knows someone that works in a place that uses cardboard boxes. And even if you do not, you know of a supermarket.

These cardboard boxes are 99% of the time wasted, thrown in the bin. If you befriend the staff and just ask for them, it would save you loads of money! So that sure does seem to answer to where to get moving boxes! Of course these boxes won't be as good looking as the brown square boxes, and may not have the amount of strength, but they will work and they are free after all.

Supermarkets do give away cardboard boxes usually, so long as you ask nicely you could have them. Because the boxes are made for carrying heavy objects such as tin cans, drink bottles, they should be able to carry your belongings. Be sure to not put your clothes in the banana box though, and check for any rips or tears that could ruin your items.

So where to get moving boxes comes down to three main sources:

Your moving company (if applicable),

Online or at a local retailer,

Free at work or a supermarket.

So now all you have to do is go and get them!

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