In the same way cardboard has not lost its throne to plastic or steel, cardboard moving boxes has also maintained its position as the most favored packing cases despite the presence of several other types of boxes and cases in the market. Many characteristics of cardboard make its handling and disposal quite easy, and so has made cardboard moving boxes the preferred choice of all those who are relocating.

Cardboard is strong without being heavy and that is one of the most enduring reasons for the popularity of moving boxes made out of it. The weight of a cardboard box will vary depending on weather it is a single walled one, double walled one, or triple walled one. However, even the triple walled ones are never heavy. With triple walled boxes, the layers are stitched together with staples whereas with the other two either glue or staples may be used for fixing the layers.

At the bottom of all moving boxes, the bursting strength of the walls of the box will be given. The bursting strength is expressed as a result of Mullen Bursting Test. It is a measure of the pressure that is needed to puncture a paperboard sheet, and indicates the load carrying capacity of the box. With the same size moving boxes, there could be difference in its Mullen test results. Users should check it to decide if he can pack heavy things into the box or if the box has to be kept apart only for lighter things.

Another quality credential of moving boxes is expressed by what is known as Edge Crush Test. This relates to the compression strength of the cardboard, also known as its stacking strength, and is an indication of the force that is required for crushing a sheet of paperboard that is standing on edge. Besides the bursting strength and stacking strength, the certification stamp of the manufacturing company will also be displayed on the bottom flap of the boxes. All these are surefire pointers to the quality of the box.

The weight carrying capacity of boxes with low bursting strength is explained in relation to what is known as its dimensional weight. Larger lightweight moving boxes may carry a lot by way of volume, though not by way of weight. Dimensional weight is also known as volume weight and is important in calculating airfreight charges. The general practice is to calculate the chargeable weight by multiplying the length and width and height of the box and then dividing it by 166.

A highly redeeming quality of cardboard moving boxes is that they are both reusable and recyclable. Those boxes that have finished their job of transporting goods to the new location, can be kept in a cellar or an attic for storing extra stuff that are not needed for daily use. They can also be used in gardens for planting the first level of seedlings before they are transplanted to prepared beds. People, who do not need their used boxes for any of these purposes, can recycle them. Either way, moving boxes are more or less immortal.

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