If you are renting, and aren't sure you can afford the monthly mortgage payments to buy a home in this area, then I suggest that you use the RENT vs. BUY HOME CALCULATOR.  This is a free online calculator offered by Prudential.

With the RENT vs. BUY HOME CALCULATOR, you simply enter your current monthly rent payment and the location you want to search. You'll see a list of all the properties in that area that fit within your monthly budget.  You may be able to own a home for about the same amount you now spend on rent.

To use the calculator now, just CLICK HERE.  To use the calculator at any other time, just come back to this blog page, or go to the Buyers link near the top of our Home Page.  Then click on Suggested Reading, and scroll down to RENT vs. BUY HOME CALCULATOR.

Good luck, and please let me know if this was helpful to you.








We have added that as a link on our website.  To use it, just click on the blue link above, or at any time, go to the BUYERS page on our website, and click on SUGGESTED READING.  Then scroll down to RENT vs. BUY HOME CALCULATOR.  .